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Why Your Family Should Love History

Have you ever had this sense that you wished a historical character could once come to life again? Have you fallen deeply in love with a fictional character in a book that makes you somehow want to rip the page off? Well, not so that you would want to meet and be with them. It is just that the idea of knowing that they exist somewhere off the page and outside of your mind, it becomes more than enough for you to understand that there is so much in life that you do not know.

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Perhaps you know some historical characters such as Napoleon, Eleanor Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and many others. You also once heard of a story about Columbus’s travel across the globe or the historical wars that people still talk about. You probably wonder how these people and events contributed something from the past. Maybe once or twice in your life, you thought about history’s connection and significance in the fast-evolving world. Honestly, these factors are almost enough for you and your family to love history.

What Is There To Appreciate About History?

One of the most amazing things about history is that its stories were once part of a current event. Almost all the characters in the book you read regarding historical achievements were once real-live individuals existing in the same world you are living in, right at this moment. They were real people experiencing real events on their actual historical timeline. It was all about a story that soon became a legend.

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When you read about historical people and events, you often come to a realization. There is this thought that these things exist for a purpose. However, sometimes it is entirely hard to think about these people and events the same way that people back then would have pictured things in it. Of course, there are details you don’t know, and there is some information that is long gone before you even knew existed. That is what makes history so interesting.

The idea of knowing things from an experience of events that you are not part of somehow satisfies human needs. It makes you realize that you do not have all the knowledge in the world. Thus, you crave for learning and information. You become fascinated with myths, fictions, and truths that ramble all together in your head. You become interested in everything in your surroundings. You become aware of people’s capabilities, goals, and contributions, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, and race.

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Why Some People Dislike History?

A lot of people do not like history. For one reason, they find it boring and currently irrelevant. Understandably, that is a reasonable point. Some individuals find it easy to feel disconnected from the things that already happened decades ago. For them, there is no point in trying to figure out the past when the current situation matters the most. However, the point of looking back in history is not just about appreciating the people and events. It is all about the lessons that once were made by sought-after individuals. It is all about the things we get from those battles, traditions, improvements, and experiences. It is the people’s decisions on that particular event that is essential in history as they were the reasons why you are living in a molded country.

Perhaps you can’t please everybody. Some people will dislike history because they believe there is nothing in it for them. Yes, these individuals care about the world, but not deeply enough to want to know and understand its struggles in the past. They are people who think that history should be forgotten and that everyone should look forward to doing what they got to do. There is nothing wrong with that, though. But it is essential that individuals learn things from the past so that they won’t make the same mistakes a lot of people in history did.

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History is a vital part of the world’s existence. It allows you to have ownership of the world you are living in. It reminds you that you have the ability to make better decisions, for it will impact the events of today. It makes you realize the obligation you have to the future to contribute to history through your words, thoughts, and actions.

The world right now is what it is today because of what the people who came before did for it. They struggled to change things and sacrificed a lot of their loved ones in the process. These people fought an already losing battle, and they failed a hundred times. Yes, no one can change history, and there is nothing you can do about it. However, it becomes significant when you are trying to make a difference. Thus, use history to reference how you want and don’t want the future to be.

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