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Reasons Why History Matters

The 2019 historical events elaborates that learning history is not about knowing what happens in yesterday. Of course, that is true. However, there are people that do not care about history at all because they believe they already know something. But what people do not understand is history’s importance to individuals and society. Everything in the world has a history. These include countries, wars, sports, humanity, ideas, and even television shows. But what exactly do we understand about history aside from knowing that it once comes from the past?

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History is essential because it supplies information about the way society and the world has developed over time. That is regardless of the right or wrong things that occurred. It serves as a record of events that contributes to the change of humanity’s identity, specifically on the ability to adapt and evolve towards global innovation. It promotes the connection of things and defines them with a specific nature. History presents an opportunity to determine why a particular event happened and how it managed to impact the future.

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How History Contributes To Society?

History is vital for learning from the middle age to the renaissance, to the reformation, up to the age of exploration. It also goes down to the world of the scientific revolution in the enlightenment era. Then there’s the revolution to the age of imperialism. History is not just about stories, but instead holds the key to why things happen for a reason. It allows individuals to learn from them not to repeat the same mistakes all over again. History shows a different path of evolutionary knowledge that people later on developed and maintained. That explains why we now have professionals like teachers, engineers, lawyers, archeologists, and so on.

So yes, history matters because it makes the world the way it is today.


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