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Community Supporting Intercultural Connections

Attending the 2017 diversity symposium means a lot to me. It is the time when the event opened up a new fitting description of diverse connections in community and neighborhood building. All topics are engaging, exciting, as well as informative. All of the attendees were happy to be part of the event. Of course, that includes me.

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The symposium was about the creation of strategies that helps people in multi-culture respect and understands each other more. There is an emphasis on the commitment of excellence in providing an alternative perspective, which includes benefits and access. Aside from that, the symposium tackled issues of racial injustice and human rights violations. Perhaps that is because it is a common issue in a diverse community. And as much as we all want to make an end to discrimination, diversity will somehow make it an impossible battle.

However, the symposium allowed the audience to understand things better. It offered information that people can use to generate programming ideas that can help promote social justice. Aside from that, the event also provided ways of lifting the diverse cultural narrative. It imparts a different approach by using arts and music to present various roles to the people in the community or neighborhood. Yes, there is a lot of discourse as to what individuals should and should not do. But overall, the main goal of the symposium became evident. That is to identify cultural and diverse issues before making any complicated conclusions. There is a representation of what approach is applicable to support the impacts of collective actions of several organizations acting together.

Source: pxhere.com

Overall, the 2017 diversity symposium inspires to build partnerships and relationship. That is including the local, regional, and national sectors of an organization, public agency, as well as foundations. If you want to learn more, be part of the next national conversation, and attend the diversity symposium.


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