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History Of Feminism




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“Who run the world? Girls!” These kinds of lines are familiar nowadays as women already found their voices. They cry for equality that’s why they are free to do what men can. Is this a good thing? All things have pros and cons, and only time could tell whether feminism has done more wellness to the world, or it has caused a chaotic change.

History Of Feminism

Feminism describes the appeal of women to have equal rights to men. Although it had begun since Ancient Greece, the fight for equality started in the 1830s to the early 1900s. It happened with the realization of women from the pain of being taken for granted or doing so much with less recognition. It could be because men were focusing on their duties, and women were only on the side to ascertain their success.

After World War II, women, again, needed to fight for equal rights as they too are citizens and contributors. It could also be because women realized that devastating events affect them as well as men, and for this, they should have the same power to fight for their right to live.

Up until now, although it is becoming customary, the cry for equality of rights in favor of women is still continuous. Governments and agencies believe the appeal to be valid and logical, but it is the culture that has dated back since the beginning of time that holds back the right of women.

Pros Of Feminism:

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  • Women can now get a job they prefer. Before, women cannot have a white-collar job. They were either at home taking care of the household or doing labor and inferior jobs like sewing and cleaning. They cannot be a lawyer, doctor, accountant, or any profession that had a primary role in the economy.


  • Women today are experiencing more equality than before. There is also a law focused on protecting their rights which will make them safe and privileged. Unlike before, women seemed to have a different role in life which was to serve men.


  • Women nowadays have a voice. They now have power, and people hear and respect their opinions. They can be part of the legislation, and they can even become leaders. We can say that domination is happening led by powerful women like Hilary Clinton, Oprah, and Queen Elizabeth.


Cons Of Feminism:

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  • There is disorder in the hierarchical system. Ever since the start of time, men must look over their family – their safety and needs, but ever since the birth of feminism, women are more confident and empowered to take the lead. It gave courage and bravery for women to stand alone if things are not working out in marriage.


  • Studies show that women are more emotional than men. There are times it could be a bad thing at work as it hinders women from logical thinking when dealing with a difficult situation. They may tend to react based on their feelings which can often lead to a more complicated problem. People have to bear in mind that we have rules to follow which are made based on particular standards and guidelines. They are what keeps us organized.


  • Women experience more stress because they are now pressured to think about so many things such as responsibilities. Back then, they only had to focus on helping and assisting their husbands, but now when some women decide to be breadwinners, they have to think about their career and relationships with people. Before they only had to deal with their family, relatives, and some friends, but now they have to deal with their boss and some other pressure on their jobs.


Feminism indeed has changed the world today. Whether it is a good thing or the opposite, equality is always a good thing. It is about the respect we have for each human being, whether a man or a woman. We have to learn to forget about labels, categories, or anything that divides us, making us think that one is better than the other. In the end, it’s all about respect.

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