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Things People From Today Will Bring To The Prehistoric Time If They Get The Chance



If you were to have access to a time machine, what would you bring to the past from today? It is such an interesting question that may be subjective as we all differ in our perspective and priorities. One person may value family, the other fortune, and some may choose to love fame, but then again, the question stays. Let us see what most people would do with that chance?

5 Tops Things Or Inventions People Would Bring To The Past


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The internet made the world smaller, and it is now the primary means of communication. If people back then can experience the same convenience we are experiencing right now, then things could have been different. There is an extensive source of information, and people would be more inclined to explore the possibilities. They would refuse to settle because they would know there’s a bigger world out there waiting for them.


Everyone nowadays has a phone. We can say it is a necessity which the people back then also did not have. Before, when loved ones needed to be away from each other, the only option they had was the Telegraph. However, during the time before that, they wouldn’t even know that this world was big enough for them to wander, so they didn’t have worries about being apart because they always stayed together.


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Imagine how life would be more comfortable for the cavemen if there were light. All they had back then was fire, but what if they had flashlights and bulbs everywhere? Life could have been more productive as they would be able to do something at night rather than stay inside when the sun had already set. It could have been safer on the paths at night, and their lands would be brighter.


Lighters would be perfect if it were back in prehistoric times when people had to create their own fire. With just the slide of a thumb, they will create one, and they wouldn’t have to deal with spending too much time making it and worrying when it might die so that they can make fire again.


Source: unsplash.com

How magnificent it would be if we were able to take a picture of the people and places back then. Haven’t you wondered how exactly they looked like, what clothes they wore, and how beautiful the earth was before all the pollution? The camera is indeed an excellent choice as it would end doubts and speculations about the first men. It would produce evidence which will support our claims of what happened in the past.

These things would indeed be of significant help and value to the people back then, but do they need it? Our existence would answer that question. Humans have lived and survived without those things, and they did perfectly fine, maybe even better than we are doing right now.

Life back then was simple. They didn’t have complications of the modern world, pollution, and fears of a nuclear strike. All the people needed back then was their pair of lungs to breathe, the blood that circulated and gave them life, or merely their body and nothing else.

Yes, modernization is a good thing as it provides comfort and marks progress, but it also moves us farther away from our primary and natural state. They didn’t have internet or any modern devices back then, but they were happy and content. It could be because they had the essentials life demanded. They only wanted what they needed and the thing we now call surviving was what they called living.

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