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Treatment Of The Mentally Ill Throughout History (The Better View)



Throughout all the changes and acknowledgment of different treatments for mental illness, the period where different types of treatment emerged. The 20th Century became an era of hopes and possibilities. It is the time where mental illness became less than a taboo and more of public concern. With that, people’s approach began to change, as well.

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20th Century (A Promising Era)

A lot of people that are ill for or less more than a year appear cured because they followed self-care instructions and community therapy in asylums. The success of these people’s recovery made it possible for more asylums to pop up all over different countries, especially in Europe and the US. The experts became open to possibilities and options, so they attempted to experiment methods. These include hypnotism, talk therapy, as well as psychoanalysis.

Along with the rampant growth of classified insane people, the first effort to conduct a surgical treatment also became an option. It was lobotomy. It received a high level of appreciation and acknowledgment in history. However, after the detrimental effect of the procedure began to emerge, lobotomy was dishonored all over the country. And eventually, around the world.

In return of veterans from World War II, these individuals received a more intensive and improved mental illness treatment. Though some experts still believe in segregation and isolation of mentally ill people, the process then gets ignored. In the course of this era, a lot of medical experts allowed patients to have freedom. They refer to them as “outpatients” who can live with their families and have a healthy life. However, the problem began when people do not acknowledge the need for necessary psychological treatment anymore. As a result, many of these patients’ condition became worse.

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21st Century

In this era, there had been a lot of advancement in treatments and understanding of the mental illness. However, the problem is now worse because patients seem no longer accepted in public due to their conditions. People view these less fortunate individuals as less competent. With that, mentally ill individuals started to avoid social interactions which eventually created a stigma. Almost all of them are now afraid of choosing to get better; that is why they prefer to lose it than cure it. The 21st Century is the period where mental illness receives a lot of attention. More and more mental health experts are becoming willing to help. However, it became a standard that only those who experience physical dysfunctionality should receive necessary treatments. Those people that can still control their mental state at some point are considered less of a burden.

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As years pass by, mental health gets categorized in many forms. The signs and symptoms are now visible and identifiable. With that, the development of more modern treatments started to emerge. There are different types of drugs and various kinds of therapies. These include cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), supportive psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and behavioral therapy, etc. These treatments prove that humans have come a long way in addressing mental illness. However, it shouldn’t stop there. There is still a lot that needs improvement, and a guarantee of getting there is possible.

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