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Treatment Of The Mentally Ill Throughout History (Part II)

With regard to the continuous acquisition of mental illness along with its appropriate treatments from Stone Age to middle age, its treatment evolution continues as well. People are getting closer to the factors that cause it as well as determining its signs and symptoms. Though achieving a concrete diagnosis is still impossible in those years, some light pushes people forward to understanding the difference between psychological imbalance and physical complications. Let’s move forward to mental illness evolution that determines its possible treatment.

Industrial Revolution (1760 – 1830)

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It was in this era where higher classes of medical experts are coming in. They became known as individuals with talents and superior intelligence that can explain behavioral changes. Usually, these experts see mental illness as something that needs instructional care. Unfortunately, though there are some cases that these health experts described the condition well, they are still unaware of how and why it develops. Some instances, these people do not know how to properly treat mentally ill patients and only rely on the positive result of their brutal actions. That is why, in this era; mentally ill people are thrown away to secluded institutions and asylums.

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19th Century

The 19th Century began to show and address mentally ill people differently. It is where experts classified mentally ill individuals as non-functioning human beings. That is, regardless of their capability to communicate and express themselves. Asylums are popular, and it appears to be the most fundamental hospitals in this era. People believed that asylums are beneficial to the community because it removed mentally ill patients away from the public. However, treatments such as isolation, torture, and unauthorized neurological surgery become its biggest problem. That is because the definition of insanity became broad and started to include elders, people with epilepsy, and feeble-minded individuals. Therefore, it resulted in becoming a place of horror due to the inclusion of people that are never and not at all mentally ill.

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End Of 19th Century

At the end of the 19th Century, people began to acknowledge the benefits of the multiple-built asylums. They began to appreciate it because it becomes a place for the mentally ill people that allow living outside isolation from hospitals and prisons. It is at this end of the Century where asylums focused on making a better world for the mentally ill people by allowing them to experience life not different from the outside world. There, the patients are encouraged to walk around freely in the garden. People get treated as individuals who are capable of completing a task such as reading, gardening, sewing, as well as playing games. Most of the asylums are treating mentally ill individuals well because they focused more on community therapy.

Since a lot of people began to understand the symptoms of mental illness, the evolution of treatment arises. That is because they managed to see growth in recovery. From there, experts became more and more sensitive in addressing behavioral patterns, so they wanted to make sure that the applied therapy process is genuinely working.


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