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Mental Health Treatments Then And Now


Source: theatlantic.com


In America, many people are significantly afflicted by mental illness. The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that there is one out of five Americans who are diagnosed with a mental health condition every year. Overall, that would make about 44 million Americans or approximately 18% of the whole population. Additionally, nearly 15% of children between 8 and 15 experience severe mental health disorder once or twice in their lives. Because of this data, perceptions and views of people have fortunately changed towards the positive nowadays, although undoubtedly stigma still endures up until today. However, psychologists and other mental health professionals agree that more and more people now see a link between mental illness and mental well-being, one’s capacity to be functional at home or work, and we perceive the world and our lives today. Perhaps this is because of the holistic care and the community-driven approaches that are being introduced around mental health.

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